7 Free Ways To Rocket Your Google Reviews and Rank Higher


Every business needs a steady stream of Google reviews. More importantly is 5 star reviews, an ever increasing review count and making sure latest reviews are less than  21 days old. This is NOT a small task and large companies have dedicated departments just for their public reviews on Google. In fact I have a family member who works for Autonation, a company on the stock market and the largest auto franchise owner in the country. He has told me getting called on from the review department in one of the most feared by all employees. It is widely know how serious good public reviews are monitored and employee graded. It's is also understood many past terminations have taken place due to this one topic. Yes, it's that serious. Your compan may not be the size of Autonation but you need to manage and promote your Google Reviews with the same level of importance. To help here are 7 FREE WAYS TO ROCKET YOUR GOOGLE REVIEWS AND RANK HIGHER.

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Online reviews and reputation management can be a daunting task and time killer. Yet it is the absolute foundation to how potential new customers view and make instant decisions on selecting your business or someone else.

The most important is daily, weekly monthly CONSISTENCY of new adds or at the very least responses to reviews.


Past Customers or Regular Customers.

Should be a no brainer right? You would be surprised how many businesses over look this and yet the statistics prove 85% percent of people said they would post reviews if they were asked to. So why aren't you asking them to post a review for you?
It's really very simple to contact them or send them an email with live links to your Google reviews, Yelp reviews or what ever review site you feel comfortable with.


Family and Friends.

Family, Friends and don't forget your social following from sites like Facebook, Instagram, TicToc and all the rest. Your family and friends want to see you succeed, If you ask them of course your will get a supporting answer. Some might even tell you to write what you want them to say and send it in an email along with link to your Google review page.:


Newly Acquired Customers.

This may be a little more difficult for you psychologically. Many times as a business owner we are so focused on making the sale and taking good care of the customer we forget about ourselves or our business needs. You may have already noticed some have their review link posted on their customer's receipt, the shopping bag or box. Some even have it tied to their rewards program.The point is you MUST suggest it to them to write a review or ask them, and remember85% say they would write reviews "IF ASKED".


Google Plugin Type Software.

Why not automate all this work and have better control, consistency and fresh regular added (daily or weekly) business reviews? Have more time to do what you set out to do, Service your customers and or sell more product.

Big Business understands REVIEWS GENERATE REVENUE as well as expand their customer base. Additionally Google reviews are the utmost importance of public opinions, and NOT just for Fortune 500 companies. Businesses of all sizes can now get the two most important benefits from their online review, that is CONTROL AND CONSISTENCY along with added revenue and profit from the additional leads or customers. The Pn1 plugin style, autopilot software not only fits their build but also gives them the control and consistency that the Fortune 500 companies employ with full staffed departments running and  managing their system. The software takes the tasks out of everyday processes and lets the owner go about his or her normal business. Feature rich it can be customized for customer or industry specific efficiency, carry your own branding and even stop most negative reviews before they hit the internet and scar them FOREVER. The ROI of the system is unmatched as it spans, not just the time investment of doing it yourself but also the intense value of regular and ongoing daily/weekly reviews that accumulate, driving RATING AND RANKINGS HIGHER. This translates to driving an exponential increase of leads and or customer traffic. We urge you to get a Demo and see for yourself. You can also test drive it free for a couple weeks. You will instantly benefit with an abundance of real Google, Yelp or what ever review site you wish. You can even task the software to send to them all for even a wider reach of exposure.,


Apologetic Posts To Negative Reviews.

Having a small percentage of negative reviews is not always a horrible blow. In fact everyone understands we all have bad days or make mistakes in judgement. The response is written to the reviewer but it's really for the  benefit of the thousands upon thousands of people searching and making a decision to use your business or not. Some people even seek out pages with negative reviews to see how or if management responds with customer care in mind. The key is it must be nipped in the butt quickly. That means within 24 hours.and at the very latest 48 hours. The proper response to a negative review is looked upon with a lot of respect by searching customers. The customer's feeling is, "They care about their customers and want to fix issues quickly." This gives searching customers confidence and trust in you so if they have a problem they have history telling them you will want to make things right. With that said DON'T EVER OFFER GIFTS OR FREEBIES publicly. You will suddenly have a ton of extortionists looking for your hand out. If you would like to make an offer, get the customers email and do it in private.


Review Exchanges.

This is in gray area through the eyes of Google. One quick way to get your business page banned with Google is spamming excessive volume of reviews. Especially if you are selling widgets in Idaho and the I.P. address comes from the reviewer in India. That is NOT to say you can't or don't have Indian customers, it simply means be reasonable. Excess or extreme draws the wrong attention. If you do review exchanges tread lightly and be certain you have full trust in who ever you are exchanging reviews with. Remember your brand is at risk and reviews are a record that is exposed FOREVER. They never come down.


Customer Service Extras.

This is another No-Brainer. Treat your customers with kit gloves, make sure they realize you are doing as much or more than you would usually do for them. Think out of the box and come up with little ways that just send the message to the customer that you care and appreciate their business. One shop owner writes hand written notes on a sticky when a customer comes in, something personal and flattering or just stating that they appreciate their business. They leave the sticky behind the register and when the person checks out the clerk sticks the sticky to one of the item in their bag. Imagine the smile when that person gets home and finds the hand written note. Does this guarantee a review? NO. but next time you see them and ask for one you will likely have no problem getting a 5 star review.

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