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Fill Empty Chairs With New Clients....
and stop wasting time waiting for WALK-INS.

You can't afford downtime. Fill schedule spots and gain new clients. WITHOUT ADVERTISING.

If you have too many openings or waiting for that next “WALK-IN” or just need more regular clients then I would love to show you how to fill your schedule EVERY DAY…. WITHOUT spending a cent in advertising ! .


Your Chair will become busy with quality customers and Word-Of-Mouth new clients will significantly increase. You will quickly realize you have been and still are losing a ton of money in missed clients.

The base is free and available to all without limitation. Business minded people choose the autopilot version which is the “GAS PEDAL” to driving large volume of appointments and people in your chair(s) and the ROI will blow you away.

Not only will you have the busiest chair but others will ask you how you are doing it. And it’s your secret to keep or share with them.

Regardless if you are renting a chair, have your own space, working for minimum $$$$ in some franchise or if you are a shop owner trying to keep your barbers/stylists happy with customers… THIS IS FOR YOU !

Contact me today, we can chat by phone, and in 10 minutes I will open your eyes to missed customers and profits even on the free version. Become a real business person that is more than successful.

p.s. Securing your customers TO YOU is important, the system automatically SECURES your clients in the event of your move to a different location or someone else's shop. This means you never have to start over, be dependent on “hearsay traffic in a shop” or rebuild ever again.

I’m local and I can get you there. If you call and get my VM, leave a message, I’m likely on the phone with another stylist or barber. I WILL CALL YOU BACK.

The question is: "Are you serious about obtaining new clients?"

It's the same system that many fortune 500 companies use (see below) Only you will get more benefit.

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